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California License Suspension Lawyers

Third Offense DUI and California Drivers License Suspensions

Someone arrested in California for a third-time DUI faces the possibility of a two separate drivers license suspensions. If the driver is convicted in court of a third offense DUI, he/she gets a three-year drivers license suspension. If he/she loses the DMV hearing, he/she gets a one-year suspension. If he/she suffers both license suspensions, the total suspension time would be three years, not four.

Third Time DUI Convictions and the Three-Year License Suspensions

If you have been convicted for DUI or wet reckless twice within the last 10 years, and you get convicted in court for a third time DUI (either through a guilty plea or a guilty verdict), a three-year California drivers license suspension will be triggered. See Vehicle Code 13352(a)(4). If the current court conviction is for something less than DUI, such as wet reckless or exhibition of speed, the court-triggered three-year DUI suspension can be avoided.

One-Year License Suspensions Triggered by DMV Proceedings

If you get arrested for a third-time DUI, and your BAC was .08 or higher, the DMV takes an administrative action against your drivers license. This is separate and apart from your DUI court case. A hearing occurs to determine whether the DMV has grounds to suspend your license. You may be represented by a DUI lawyer at the hearing. If you prevail at the DMV hearing, the suspension is "set aside." If you lose the hearing, a one-year drivers license suspension takes effect. See Vehicle Code 13353.3(b)(2).

How to Avoid the One or Three-Year DUI License Suspension

In a third DUI situation, only one set of events allows you to escape the DUI license suspension altogether: you must both (1) avoid a court conviction for the offense of DUI, and (2) win your DMV hearing.

Restricted Licenses Following the Three-Year DUI License Suspension

If you do get hit with the three-year license suspension because of the court conviction, you may obtain a restricted license in as early as 18 months. But you must first have completed at least the initial 12 months of an 18-month or 30-month alcohol program (depending on which one the court imposes). You must also have your SR-22 proof of insurance, have an ignition interlock device installed in your car, and pay a $125 fee to reissue your drivers license.

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