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California DUI and SCRAM ("Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring") Devices

"SCRAM" devices are considered extreme measures for extreme cases.

SCRAM stands for "Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor". A SCRAM device is a tamper-resistant bracelet that a DUI offender wears around his/her ankle. It tests the DUI offender's sweat for alcohol at least once per hour and then wirelessly transmits the results at least once per day to a regional monitoring center.

Judges in DUI cases may order a defendant to refrain from alcohol, or risk going to jail. The judge may then order the person to wear a SCRAM device as a means of verifying compliance with this order. If the DUI defendant removes the SCRAM device or consumes alcohol, the regional monitoring center will notify the court.

As a practical matter, judges in Southern California DUI cases only impose a SCRAM device program if the offender has prior DUI convictions and is perceived as having a serious alcohol problem. On the other hand, a defendant's voluntary submission to wearing a SCRAM device might lessen consequences in less severe cases.

Whether a SCRAM device is something to be welcomed or contested will always depend on the individual case. In order to help you determine which one it is for you, our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers encourage consulting with an experienced attorney.

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