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Aggressive drunk driving defense lawyer serving Newport beach, Fullerton, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Westminster and all of Orange County.

Were you arrested for a DUI or drunk driving offense in Orange County, CA? Although the OC is still one of the more conservative places in the country, and harsh on DUI cases, it still may be possible to prevent a DUI conviction and to save your drivers license.

Orange County drunk driving defense attorney John Murray has enjoyed tremendous success in beating DUI cases at jury trial and suppression hearings. Short of trial, he has many times convinced prosecutors to dismiss DUI charges, reduce DUI charges to dry reckless or traffic tickets, and curtail sentencing.

A member of the National College of DUI Defense, Orange County DUI attorney Murray has been certified by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to administer and score field sobriety tests. He is also certified to maintain, administer and calibrate the PAS breath test device that Orange County Police administer at roadside.

DUI Attorney Murray lectures to and advises other lawyers regarding strategies for defeating drunk driving cases, and winning California DMV hearings. Mr. Murray has been featured as an expert legal commentator as to driving related crimes on the Fox News Channel.

DUI Lawyer Murray practices extensively at all the Orange County courthouses, including the North Justice Center in Fullerton, the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach and the West Justice Center in Westminster.

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DUI cases are rarely hopeless. DUI convictions are almost never inevitable. Clients retain our California DUI defense attorneys for one reason: they want to fight the case. And win.

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The police arrested you for DUI. You gave a blood or a breath sample. The DUI officer confiscated you drivers license. The police released you with a notice to appear in court in a few weeks. Where do you go from here? Our lawyers are here to guide you step by step.