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Kenton Koszdin - San Fernando Valley DUI Attorney

Kenton Koszdin is one of San Fernando Valley's premier DUI defense attorneys. Mr. Koszdin defends clients in DUI cases throughout Southern California, but in particular at the Van Nuys, San Fernando, Burbank, Glendale, and Ventura courthouses.

Recognized by Southern California Super Lawyer Magazine as a “Rising Star,” Mr. Koszdin enjoys extensive training and experience in defending San Fernando Valley residents against DUI charges.

San Fernando Valley DUI Attorney Kenton Koszdin is very familiar with the prosecutors, judges and police agencies involved with local drunk driving cases. He knows how to spot defenses in his clients' DUI cases and how to orchestrate for them the most favorable outcomes.

Mr. Koszdin is qualified by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to administer standardized field sobriety tests and drug recognition evaluations (DRE). Mr. Koszdin is certified in the operation and maintenance of the Also Sensor IV and Data Master CDM DUI breath test machines, and trained in the operation of the LAPD Intox EC/IR.

Mr. Koszdin is also a graduate of the National College for DUI Defense Summer Training Program held in July, 2006 at Harvard Law School.

If you were arrested on drunk driving charges, San Fernando Valley DUI attorney Koszdin would be an excellent choice for an experienced, knowledgeable DUI defense. He knows the scientific, technical, legal and political issues behind DUI cases. And he knows how to reach the best result for you.

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DUI cases are rarely hopeless. DUI convictions are almost never inevitable. Clients retain our California DUI defense attorneys for one reason: they want to fight the case. And win.

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The police arrested you for DUI. You gave a blood or a breath sample. The DUI officer confiscated you drivers license. The police released you with a notice to appear in court in a few weeks. Where do you go from here? Our lawyers are here to guide you step by step.