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California DUI and Ignition Interlock Devices ("IIDs")

Ignition interlock devices ("IIDs") are increasingly present among California DUI penalties.

IIDs are essentially mini-breathalyzer instruments that are installed in the dashboard of your car and prevent it from operating unless and until you provide an alcohol-free breath sample.

Following conviction for a California DUI charge, if the judge orders you to install an IID as part of your probation, you must have one professionally installed...and you must have one installed in every car you own or drive. Significantly, you must also pay for it.

All counties in California will require installation of an ignition interlock device as a condition of getting a restricted license on a 2nd or subsequent DUI. But Los Angeles County is part of a pilot program that requires an IID now even for a 1st time DUI.

Whether an IID will be a help or hindrance, our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers encourage you to consult with an attorney who can assist help you obtain the best possible result regarding whatever California DUI charge you're facing.

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