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California DUI and Entry into Canada

Canada enforces surprisingly strict rules regarding entry to the country by people with DUI convictions.

Our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers report that entry to Canada can be surprisingly difficult for people with a California DUI conviction. Canada takes DUI offenses so seriously that one could prevent you from successfully crossing our northern national border for up to ten years.

Depending on the level of DUI offense on your record, however, Canadian immigration authorities may "deem" you rehabilitated. For a standard California DUI offense (not including injury to person or property), this often occurs automatically five years after your DUI sentence was complete, though it can take up to ten years for more serious DUI convictions.

If you do not receive "deemed rehabilitation" from Canadian immigration authorities, you can still apply for "individual criminal rehabilitation" five years after the date of your conviction. This process requires submitting a thorough history of the case to Canadian immigration authorities.

Many are shocked to discover upon arrival in Canada that their California DUI has the power to deny them entry after they have bought and paid for an entire trip. To discover if you might be in this situation- and what to do about it- our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers encourage you to consult with an experienced attorney who can help you analyze your case and communicate with Canadian immigration authorities in time, if necessary.

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