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California DUI & Employment Issues

Can employers be prevented from finding out about your DUI?

Because many employers utilize background checks prior to hiring or promoting someone, people arrested and/or convicted of DUI may face certain California DUI employment issues. DUI could become an undesired topic of conversation during a job interview or a factor that diminishes ability to obtain a superior position.

Our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers also understand that California DUI employment issues can be even more serious for someone whose job requires maintaining a commercial drivers license... or even just a standard one. In such cases, the impact of a California DUI license suspension could be actual termination.

California DUI employment issues arise in various ways. However, the central things most people want to know are... "Will my employer find out about my DUI?" and... "Do I have to disclose it?"

Predictably, the answers to these questions depend on individual circumstances that an article of this length cannot address. Suffice it to say, we have helped clients navigate California DUI employment issues in numerous situations. This has involved protecting clients' drivers licenses from suspension, expunging (removing) convictions from their criminal histories, and sealing their arrest records, among other methods.

Different circumstances will allow (or not allow) for different solutions. Whatever the case, our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers stress that there are always right ways and wrong ways to approach California DUI employment issues. Every serious person should consult with an experienced attorney before deciding on the approach they're going to take.

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