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California DUI Punishments

California has some of the most severe punishments for DUI convictions in the country. Because of this fact it is important that you have the best defense against your conviction that you can have. Every single element of your DUI case, from the reason why the police stopped you in the first place, to how they determined that your blood alcohol content was over the limit must be thoroughly investigated and debated if you are to have a strong defense. Any element that was incorrectly done or which produced faulty results can mean that your case will get thrown out and any punishments dropped.

If you are facing punishments for a DUI in California you can get mandatory jail time, license suspension or revocation, fines in the thousands of dollars, wheel and breath locks installed on your car, public service, probation and many other punishments. A California DUI is both a civil and a criminal offense. Depending on the circumstances of your case you either face a misdemeanor (for a first offense) or a felony for multiple offenses or DUIs involving injuries or deaths.

A DUI misdemeanor conviction carries a number of penalties which can affect your life for years. You can receive detention time in either the county jail or a state prison. You will have to pay various fines that can cost you thousands of dollars. You will have to undergo a series of drinking and driving counseling sessions. If you are successfully convicted of a DUI in California you also face the impounding of your vehicle and either the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. You also may have to undergo the installation of a locking device on your car and a period of probation.

If there are other circumstances surrounding your California DUI conviction you can receive harsher punishments as well. Some of these circumstances include speeding, refusal of the chemical test, driving with a passenger under the age of 14 in your car, multiple DUIs or previous criminal history, injuries sustained to others either in your car or outside of your car and hit and run cases. These additional circumstances include jail time, the death penalty, fines of up to ten thousand dollars and many others depending on the circumstances.

The risk of having life changing punishments given to you following a DUI conviction in California is very real. In order to ensure that you are completely defended as aggressively as possible it may be in your best interest to hire an experienced California DUI law firm to handle your case. While no lawyer can ensure that you will not be charged or given any punishments at all a good defense can prevent you from having to undergo severe punishments or extended jail time in many cases.

Our legal team of California drunk driving defense attorneys includes three former DUI prosecutors with years of experience handling cases throughout Southern California. We can handle any case involving a DUI accusation in the Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange County areas. Contact us today for a free evaluation on your case and begin your aggressive and professional DUI defense immediately.

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DUI cases are rarely hopeless. DUI convictions are almost never inevitable. Clients retain our California DUI defense attorneys for one reason: they want to fight the case. And win.

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