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Financial Costs of a DUI

If I am convicted of DUI, what will it ultimately cost me financially?

A California DUI conviction imposes both direct and indirect financial costs.

The direct financial costs of a DUI are relatively inexpensive. The fines rarely amount to more than about $1500.00. The mandatory DUI alcohol classes—such as the 4 month AB541 or the 18 month SB38—may add another $1000.00. Also, one must factor in the costs of a temporary drivers license suspension.

The indirect financial costs of a California DUI conviction are potentially much more significant. Car insurance premiums may rise considerably if the DUI is sustained, and remain high for many years. Over the course of this period, it is not uncommon to pay more than $20,000.00 in escalated auto insurance rates.

But for many people, the heaviest financial cost of a California DUI is the burden of having a criminal record. The DUI conviction is likely to surface any time a potential employer, state licensing agency, insurance company or professional organization does a background check. How this impacts you depends on the type of work and activities you engage in.

For some professionals, such as doctors, dentists, nurses and attorneys, a California DUI conviction may bring negative consequences with their licensing boards. Some prospective employers may shy away from an applicant previously convicted of DUI, for fear that the person may have alcohol issues or may be irresponsible.

In any case, it would behoove you to avoid a California DUI conviction if it all possible. Considering the long-term financial costs of a DUI conviction, a good California DUI Attorney, if he can help you win the case, is a great investment.

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