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California DUI and Auto Insurance

Understanding DUI's consequences on your insurance policy.

Does DUI impact your auto insurance policy? The simple answer is yes. When and how are a little more complicated.

California DUI and auto insurance are interrelated subjects because DUI convictions result in a 10 year application of 2 "violation points" to your DMV driving record. If you win your court case but fail to prevent the California DMV from suspending your license at a DMV hearing subsequent to your DUI arrest, the result is the same. In either case, your insurance company is likely to raise your premiums 20 – 30%.

Our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers point out, however, your insurance carrier can only alter your policy at the moment it comes up for renewal. In California, policies cannot be altered "mid-term." We also point out that if you are insured under a "good driver" discount, there is a significant possibility your carrier will decline to offer you another policy when your current one ends.

Insurance policies do not require you to inform your carrier of a DUI arrest or conviction. However, your carrier will most likely discover them upon running your DMV record prior to reissuing your policy when it comes up for renewal. Note also: if you already have a past conviction that requires you to file a "SR 22 form" (proof of financial responsibility) with the DMV, then you do have to inform your insurance provider, yet it still may not act on that information med-term.

Our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers explain that avoiding insurance consequences is an important aspect of responding to a DUI. This can be done by prevailing in your court case and at your DMV hearing subsequent to arrest through the representation of an experienced attorney. But even when your case cannot achieve this best possible outcome, certain plea bargains may diminish the time "violation points" stay on your record. Different situations require different responses to California DUI and auto insurance. Make sure you understand which response is best in your case.

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