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DMV Hearing for Medical Condition and re-instating Driver License by John Elwynn Murray

BACKGROUND: I am 20 years old and senior university student in engineering. I hired Mr. John Elwynn Murray to represent me to re-instate my driver's license that I lost due my medical condition – seizure. FIRST CONTACT: I contacted John’s office on Wednesday and was granted an appointment to meet John’s assistant the same afternoon. John drove 50 miles to visit my family and me in Orange County on the Saturday afternoon of the same week by shortening his hike and weekend activities. During the meeting, John patiently and expertly explained the DMV process in detail and guided me and my family through the path very compassionately. He was exceptional in his knowledge of DMV matters and demonstrated a extraordinary demeanor. He treated me as I was his own son and attended to my anxieties and uncertainties in addition to help my family through this very challenging experience. DMV HEARING: We prepared for the DMV hearing both from medical expert opinion as well as questioning and preparing me to be able to meet with the officer and address his questions. While I was waiting for my turn in the DMV hearing, I noticed that other lawyers had great regards for John and even the DMV staff and the officers greeted him and shake his hands and pat on his backs and some of them even hugged him. John was very liked by all his colleagues and associates in the DMV office which is an indication of the quality of his work and his exceptional conducts. We went through the hearing. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and the officer had great respect for him. The hearing was exactly as he indicated to me and the hearing went very well. It was so incredibly successful that the officer printed my temporary license in his office and signed it and gave it to me! COST OF SERVICE: I received an exceptional service, and I felt that I was treated exceptionally fairly on the cost of the service. John was very flexible to provide payment plan for me to fit in my budget and to make sure the cost of his service would not be a hardship for me which I also greatly appreciated. GENERAL PERSPECTIVE: In general, when a person needs a lawyer, it is a challenging emotional situation with much uncertainty and anxiety. It is during these times that the personality of the lawyer is very important specially when the path is unclear and one depends on the compassion and understanding of the lawyer in addition to his expert knowledge of the filed. I found Mr John Elwynn Murray to be exemplary in his legal expertise, professional demeanor and compassionate personal qualities. RECOMMENDATION: If I need to hire a lawyer again, I will call upon John. I recommend Mr John Elwynn Murray with absolutely highest regards and compliments. I assure you that you would receive the best legal service and you will receive compassionate understanding and exceptional professional service.

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