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Los Angeles County Superior Court - Burbank Courthouse

Our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers have extensive experience at Los Angeles County Superior Court - Burbank Courthouse, where cases that originate in the City of Burbank and its surrounding areas are prosecuted.

Misdemeanor DUI cases in the Burbank area may be prosecuted by the Burbank City Attorney or the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. Felony DUI cases are prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office alone.

Burbank Courthouse is located at:

300 East Olive
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 557-3466

The first court appearance following a DUI arrest is called an arraignment. This appearance presents you with your first opportunity to plead "guilty," "not guilty," or "nolo contendere" (no contest) to any criminal charge.

Arraignments at Burbank Courthouse are heard in the following courtrooms:

  • Misdemeanor DUI arraignments: Department 2 (2nd floor, Room 220)
  • Felony DUI arraignments: Department 1 (1st floor, Room 101)
  • Arraignments for other charges: Department 2 for misdemeanors Department 1 for felonies

Note that misdemeanor DUI charges do not require you to appear in person if you have retained an attorney. Our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers provide this service regularly.

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